About Us

This is an extremely special project that was given to me by the highest. If you ever felt drain, lost, or like you never fit in? the time you felt tired mentally, physically all the time , it doesn’t matter how much rest you get or breaks you take, nothing changes? I’ve been there, You've came to the right place, "WELCOME” congratulations on taking the conscious decision on a different journey. Growing up i would isolate myself to be alone with my thoughts and charge my energy after being surrounded by people, through those isolating moments i learned i was an empath. What's an empath? well " Empath is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position." and let me be the one who tells you that being an empath is not for the weak. I've always felt the need to help other people or take their problems as my own no matter the situation. After much soul searching i discovered my gift as a healer. I went off to college to studied psychology, my miner was in sociology because my whole life I've been fascinated by the humans mind. Even with all that knowledge, I felt empty, voided, and loneliness like something was missing. I started digging deeper into the my roots. Since I've been reading ancestral, self-help, development books. I started research organic natural roots and herbs that would contribute to the higher self. Consistency and meditation was the focal of healing my mind, body and spirit. Here we are just you and me searching for purpose. Welcome to HOUSEOFCYN where we are HEALING FROM THE ROOTS!

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